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Time & Space : ver.Moonlight II  (the zero-gravity watch)  

Time & Space is a wrist watch designed with a concept using time and space and a state of zero gravity. Photographs of the full moon taken from Nantes in Western France by the astrophotographer Norbert were used for the dial plate, and the watch hands appear as if they are floating through the moonlight. The luminous dial glows in the dark to evoke a feeling of floating in gravity free space. A modern re-interpretation of the traditional clock hands provide users with a surreal experience of suspended time.

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Designed by i3Lab. [i-cubed-lab]
Astrophotography by Norbet R., France.
Produced by M-Theory co.,ltd.

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Moonlight Sticker (Glow-in-the-dark) - Small size

Clair de Lune is a glow-in-the-dark sticker based on an emotional design of the moon as a symbol of imagination. It includes 65 individual frames of the lunar mosaic images taken from Nantes in West France by astronomy photographer Norbert. In the dark Clair de Lune gives you a dream-like experience by illuminating with the magical glow.
Usage: sticker
Material: PVC sheet
Size: Small size (R9cm)

Designed by i3Lab. [i-cubed-lab]

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D=G : DIAMOND=GRAPHITE  (The New Diamond Ring)

D=G (Diamond=Graphite) is a modernistic redesign of the classic diamond ring based on a chemical concept where the diamond [C] is made using the same substance as [Carbon] with an addition of black lead (graphite). For those having difficulty expressing their love and no money to buy expensive engagement rings, this new design is the perfect answer. Diamond=Graphite will not only be a new fashion trend, but it also give new meaning and worth to diamond rings. With Diamond=Graphite jewelries, we can change the way we view expensive jewelries and redefine the meaning of materialism. We have entered a new level of luxury.


Diamonds and graphite are materials both based on the same substance: carbon [C]. However, due to a mere difference in the molecule composition, one of the two materials is in a “unique relationship” with the high-end consumer market where the material is valued 60,000 times greater in price. With this ironic relationship, one of these special materials is used as a cheap consumable product in our daily lives, but the other becomes the most expensive jewelry in the world and somebody’s valuable treasure. Based on the difference in value, the relationship between diamonds and graphite is selected as a symbol expressing the bubbled sense of value in our materialistic world.


A diamond ring, symbolizing the happiness and love between couples, has a social dark side. Unlike its beauty and appearance, the diamonds are referred to as ‘’blood diamonds’ (also called a conflict diamonds) due to its high value and short supply. Currently in Africa, the continent that produces 2/3 of diamonds supplied to the entire world, the inhumane slavery systems with harsh abuse and forced labor still exist in illegal mines operated by illegal armed organizations for profits with diamonds. Despite activities to stop the illegal the mining market, the African children are still being sacrificed to the illegal mining. The illegal diamonds are currently sold all over the world without a proper inspection process to check the origin of the ores. The legality of the mining process has become the cause of the increased Blood Diamond issue in Africa. If we continue to buy expensive diamonds, then there will be continuous abuse to African children by the illegal armed organizations. Without the necessary recognition on what’s currently happening with Blood Diamonds, illegal diamonds will continue to be sold at prices in the several thousands of dollars, and quickly destroy the symbol of love and happiness to couples around the world.


Through D=G and the World Day Against Child Labor (12th of June), awareness of the Blood Diamond issue will grow as it informs the public about the truth about the illegal mining processes, which include inhumane oppression and slavery. Also, the World Day Against Child Labor raises understanding and sympathy of this grave situation, and it encourages many contribution-producing projects and support from non-profit organizations working for children protection around the world.

The ring designs of D=G projects include a 1-carat version and a 3-carat version. A portion of the profit from sales of the 1-carat version will go towards supporting Africa’s non-profit organizations for children. Moreover, 99% of the profit from sales of the 3-carat version’s special edition will be donated to various establishments of educational facilities and programs (with the announcing of the market sales price of the diamond ring as 300 thousand dollars).

*available now


Designed by i3Lab. [i-cubed-lab]

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Anti-social? Need a little peace and quiet? Just want to alert people to your strangeness? Here’s the perfect tee. It’s available in more colors in both our US Store and our EU Store.
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Anti-social? Need a little peace and quiet? Just want to alert people to your strangeness? Here’s the perfect tee. It’s available in more colors in both our US Store and our EU Store.

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Cloudsplosions by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr

Synchronizing a camera with a custom-built detonator, the duo of Herczeg and Kaehr were able to freeze the exact moment of mid-asplosion in every day, mundane settings, creating these solemn, peaceful looking clouds that seem to be gently rolling through an apartment.

Artists: website (via: alecshao)

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It doesn’t get light fast enough in my kitchen whine whine.

I’m off to try to convince people to let me play My First Surgery on their pets, yaaaay.

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cartoon-like bags from Jump From Paper.

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