"I'm complete wacko.
And it's rather convenient."


Calvin and Hobbes photoshopped into photographs of real Llocations by freelance photographer Michale S. Den Beste



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If Sherlock was an animated show. 

I took random screencaps from A Scandal in Belgravia and redrew them as cartoons.  


Coraline concept art.


Butterfly Tea Bag by designer Yena Lee.

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1 year ago on 02/7/13
Florença, sua fofa! (at Piazza San Giovanni)

Florença, sua fofa! (at Piazza San Giovanni)

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1 year ago on 01/11/13
Scrap Material

Scrap Material

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Wherever one brother could be seen, it was predicted that the other was not far behind. If Kili impishly tried to trick his uncle into a thorough dousing, Fili was hiding on the balcony with a bucket of water. If Fili was grounded for one of his pranks, Kili was hiding close by waiting for the perfect moment to grab Mummy’s hand and successfully plead his brother’s case. If Fili was enduring a sword fighting lesson, Kili was poking at razor sharp arrows until Uncle Thorin finally gave in and included him in the training. If Fili was expected to wash dishes, Kili was tossing them around and launching into another outrageous tale to keep their minds off the mundane task.

If Kili was in trouble, Fili was there to drag his sorry hide back to safety. (x)

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1 year ago on 12/16/12
This Ways by KleXchen~

This Ways by KleXchen~